“Every so often, you will walk into a place of business not knowing what to expect, stay awhile, soak in all that is right about it and leave feeling so much better than when you arrived”


“We got fall-off-the-bone tender pork ribs (with your choice of mild or hot BBQ sauce)  with generous servings of side-dishes all served by a very helpful staff.  Obviously a family owned business that they are very passionate about…” ed settings.


I have been to many BBQ joints in the Sacramento area and the House of Chicken and Ribs is by far the best that I’ve had so  far.  Everything is excellent. My favorite is the ribs and the tri-tip. They  serve  seafood too, but when I walk into the restaurant and smell the  Smoke I can’t  help but to order the ribs.


Okay… I have to say this, House of Chicken and Ribs has the best barbequed pork ribs in the state  of  California. I know this is a bold statement since I have not tried every  single  barbeque joint in the state.